7 Things to Look for When Hiring Experts

Picture this: your company recently decided to create a new website to generate more leads, but with other projects piling up and hiring limitations related to the COVID-19 crisis, the task seems impossible with current staff. You can’t do this one alone; you’ll need to hire an expert. While it seems like a daunting task, hiring an expert is the perfect solution to completing projects without the long process of hiring and onboarding a full-time employee. Now, you may be wondering, what should I look for when hiring an expert?

While the specific traits you’ll need will vary depending on your company and the type of project, there are some general tips that can guide you in selecting the right expert for the job. To help you in your new endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of the top traits to look for in an expert. Keep these in mind when reviewing candidates, so that when you’re ready to hire an expert, you can rest assured they’re the right fit.

1. Interest in the company and industry.
When hiring an expert, it’s important to acknowledge that although they may be skilled in their field, they won’t always be well-versed in your company or industry. However, the expert should express an interest in your company regardless of whether they’ve had experience in the industry. When searching for an expert, ask them if they have previous knowledge of your company, or if they’ve done research into its mission, values, and purpose.

An interest in your company will serve your expert well by helping them feel more connected to projects. This will also lead to a better quality of work that matches more easily to other company materials, potentially saving you time in the end. Once your expert learns about who they’re working for, they can better understand how the project at hand will support these standards and the future success of the company.

2. Solid references and examples of work.
Most experts who have spent years working their field will more than likely have an impressive resume to reflect their efforts. However, before hiring them, request samples of their work and referrals from their previous clients. By acquiring these documents, you’ll get an idea of the expert’s quality of work and personal style—valuable information that can help you to better match candidates to a project.

References are the key to ensuring your expert has an excellent reputation. When requesting references from a candidate, ask that they pull them from a recent window of time (six months to a year). Doing so will help to provide you with a fresher perspective of how their other clients’ experiences with the expert, rather than risking the possibility of speaking with outdated clients from years past.

3. Collaborative skills.
When hiring an expert for your company, it’s likely they’ll be working with other staff members in some way, whether that be with a team throughout the entire process or just during the final steps. Collaboration is a vital skill to look for when hiring an expert; it shows that they understand how to deal with differing opinions and the work styles of others, while still producing a successful result.

Ask the expert if they’ve had experience working with others on projects, and listen to their perspective on collaborating. You can learn a great deal about how the expert functions within a team just from listening to their response.

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